Oparara Estuary

From the Source to the Sea


I painted these images for an information panel that will be going up at the Oparara Estuary picnic area and car-park early 2020. These painting are designed to be printed on two different panels. The two forest scenes and the estuary river bed scene are on the top panel, with the caves and along the top of the estuary river bed cutout so you can see through to the second panel. The second panel has the cave inserts and Oparara estuary bird scene, there is a spacer between the two panels which helps with a 3D affect, and gives the illusion of looking through the Oparara caves.

The finished panel is 180cm by 100cm so my paintings had to be fairly large and detail(my largest so far) . The composition also had to work between the seven paintings so a lot of time was spent playing around with the layout before getting my paint brushes out. After half a year and over 800 hours these seven illustrations have been my most comprehensive, enjoyable and rewarding to date.

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